General - Aim of the Department

The Department of Philology, a founding Department of the University of Ioannina 42 years ago, aims on the one hand to offer young philologists scientific and educational training, i.e. to provide them with the appropriate scientific qualifications that will assist them in their future professional careers, and on the other to acquaint them with all the aspects and expressions of speech, from the study of ancient Greek thought and literature to contemporary Greek literature, in order to contribute to their scientific and mental fulfilment.
Philology is a multi-level discipline which has many potential aspects, from the restoration of a text to its thorough interpretation. It offers great breadth and variety, distinct and diverse as the texts it studies; however, in terms of methodology it is uniform and founded upon the theory of artistic speech, literature and the history of ideas. Its subject matter is a wide base of texts ranging from the classical works of antiquity, in the Greek and Latin languages, through the classical and vernacular works of Byzantine Christianity and, lastly, up to the modern Greek literary works of Modernism.
The Department awards degrees in three fields of specialisation: Classical Philology, Mediaeval and Modern Greek Philology, and Linguistics.